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When I’m writing Sleep Plans for parents I don’t just include the sleep schedule.  The uniqueness of my plans provides both a feeding and sleeping schedule for my parents and baby, which is why when I saw this amazing new product I fell in love.  The aden+ anais Serenity Star is an electronic feeding and sleeping system that combines every nursery essentials into one functional, modern 5-point star design.  This is it guys.  The one-stop-shop of every nursery must-have.  All rolled into one gorgeous design.
The Serenity Star includes:

  • Electronic Feeding Diary: Moms can record feeding start times and which side (L or R) baby last fed from (if nursing).  All the information is displayed on the easy to read LCD screen, paired with a handy 12-hour AM/PM clock.  Even the most tired of moms can record and remember this information, thanks to the Serenity Stars easy functions and display.
  • Sound Machine: plays four soothing sounds including 2 lullabies, heartbeat, and white noise that can be set for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or for continuous play, all creating a perfectly peaceful environment.
  • Room Temperature Indicator/Nightlight:  When the nursery is at an ideal temperature, it emits a soft white glow for the perfect nightlight.  If the room temperature rise above 23.3 degrees Celsius, the glow will turn red to indicate the room is warmer than recommended.  If it drops below 17.7 degrees Celsius, the Serenity Star will emanate a blue glow as a recommendation to adjust the room temperature and/or the baby’s clothing.
  • Portable: compact size, dual plug-in and battery-powered operation makes it perfect for travel.  Leave all the other gadgets at home!  All you need is this.

This is an amazing addition to your nursery and the perfect present for a mom-to-be.  This is the first system to combine the variety of helpful feeding and sleep aids, all in one, which contributes to peace of mind for you.

Our friends at Simply Green Baby in Oakville have the Stars in stock and the BIG NEWS is that they are donating one as our big giveaway during out City Parent Sleep Event!  Join Good Night Sleep Site and City Parent Magazine on July 25th, from 1:30-3:30 for City Parent’s first ever online Sleep Clinic.  I’ll be online with you to answer all of your sleep questions and there will be many giveaways!  I hope you can join us and good luck winning this amazing innovative product from aden + anais.

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