Day 2 of Transition to One Nap

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Day 1 of the nap transition proved to be successful.  For the most part they made the jump from wakeup to a 12:00 pm afternoon nap relatively well.  Please understand this isn’t the only way.  You can definitely take a gradual approach when transitioning to one nap.  I chose to take the big jump because I was dealing with two at the same time and I knew my son could handle it.  Also we were both home on vacation this week so keeping both busy during the morning would prove to be a lot easier.  I wanted to keep them on the same schedule for the most part, so I made the decision that this was the route I was going to take with both my son and my daughter.

Day 2 started out like most days, we woke up at 7am had breakfast and our day began.  We kept it busy with walks and some park time.  Duncan was a trooper yet again.  Missing that morning nap didn’t even phase him.  Lila on the other hand was having a tough time with it.  While she was loving all the extra playtime and the smile was there, we noticed her patience was very short and she always seemed on that brink of a meltdown.  An edge I like to stay clear from always.  So it was another early lunch and both down by noon.  Again they both had a great sleep, logging a good 3 hours (remember that afternoon nap get’s lengthened out as it’s the only time throughout the day that they are sleeping) and woke up fresh and alert.  Bedtime was again bumped up to 6pm, balancing out the lack of sleep throughout the day, which was accepted by both beautifully and without fuss, and another great night of sleep followed.

This small sleep journey just proves that every child is truly different and methods that you choose really depends on the temperament and personality of your child.  My daughter will have a bigger struggle with this transition, and had I been dealing with just her I’d keep her on two naps for a few more weeks.  But she’ll adapt and catch up to her brother.  It will take time and patience, and some of that consistency that I like to preach about, but we’ll get there.

Day 3 for you tomorrow!  There was an extremely cranky child but that was the four-year old at Canada’s Wonderland.  Not a 18 month old twin…sigh…


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